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Love Katamari (Namco), PS2, Everyone, $29.99 The wow classic gold Prince of All Cosmos is back for another quirky misadventure building the biggest ball of Katamari possible. This sticky mass of objects created by rolling over anything that gets in the way is lighthearted, outlandish and totally fun. No thick plots here, just good old school cartoonish graphics that keep a smile on your face.

The team has been selected by HBO Sports to star in Knocks: Training Camp With the Oakland Raiders, which will get up close and personal with second year head coach Jon Gruden and players including wide receiver Antonio Brown, quarterback Derek Carr, offensive lineman Trent Brown (who will be hard to mss at 6 380 lbs.) and rookie safety Johnathan Abram.

Which brings us to this year 2018 our UW centennial year and this special section of The Lima News which tells the United Way of Greater Lima story. I hope you enjoy reading it, learning about our 100 year history and, once again, supporting our local United Way with gifts of time and treasure. Please join us as we honor our past and build our future.

I must mention that I possess over 25 years experience in kosher fast food. It is my belief that our Jewish community deserves the right to purchase kosher food at Wonderland and be able to enjoy the full park experience just as others do. Incidentally, people of the Muslim faith will similarly be able to enjoy the kosher food, and the park will indeed enjoy even further profits.

Hunter Dozier walked later in the inning, and Jorge Soler's bases loaded walk gave the Royals a 3 1 lead and brought Francona to the mound again this time to summon a reliever. Cole and Tyler Clippard joined Cimber in keeping the Indians in the game, and their offense got them within a run in the fifth. Two innings later, that offense gave them the lead for good.

"1 in 7 say that social networking sites increase feelings of isolation" (Katonda News Network, 2010)As well as "Nearly 70% report reading posts from someone close to them that seemed like a cry for emotional help, and while most students would offer support in some way, fewer than half would make a personal visit"

Be Pro Active: Many years ago, I was very suddenly and unexpectedly on my own to sell and completely clear out a 3,400 square foot home, all while finding a new home in a seller's market, and downsizing by half. To say that I was overwhelmed and not thinking very clearly would be an understatement. I did have a pick up truck at my disposal, and planned to use it to move the contents of my home to a storage unit while I was between homes. Luckily for me, one of my closest friends came and helped me. She quickly sized up the enormous task before us, and smartly suggested that I rent a moving truck for a day. In my frantic state, this had not even occurred to me. With the moving truck, we were able to load and move all of my furniture and belongings with just two trips to my storage unit. I can't even imagine how long the process would have taken with a pick up truck! I was fortunate that my friend recognized that my normally spot on and decisive planning skills were impaired. She gently stepped in to take charge. When you have an opportunity to help out a loved one with a big decluttering and organization project during a traumatic life event, remember that your clear thinking will be a great help to them.

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