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With the development of GPS satellite positioning technology, in order to protect their whereabouts, the signal blocker also emerged, and people bought jammers to avoid being tracked.The most popular one is the portable jammer because of its portable features. If you need to go out with a jamming device,they are your best choice. There are a various portable signal blockers here, such as portable cell phone jammers,handheld gps jammer,portable WiFi blockers.
The GPS Global Positioning System uses a number of orbiting satellites that transmit radio signals. The signal arrives at the GPS receiver to determine the positioning by triangulation. GPS can be found in individual handheld devices and cell phones, vehicle navigation and positioning systems, and small GPS tracking devices.

The position can be found by triangulation, a way of measuring three individual points in order to calculate the position. The vehicle's position is measured by three satellites in the vehicle's navigation system. With triangulation, GPS can transmit the position to the receiver with an accuracy of only inches.
The GPS signal is a radio signal with a specific frequency. GPS actually has two main frequencies, one for public, non-military (1575.42 MHz) and the other for the US military (1227.6 MHz). Since GPS is only weak radio waves, the use of GPS jammers can jam or twist these waves.
GPS jammers were originally created by governments, military organizations and espionage agencies. Its uses include confusing the enemy as to the exact location or where the enemy GPS missile or bomb will fall.
If you need a cell phone jammer, the design of portable type I recommend to you, it has the function of what you need, block phone signals, also has the characteristics of portable, make it much easier to carry it with you, let you can use anywhere in the outdoor, distribution car charger to make it work more convenient, not influenced by battery and can't use, you can charge on your car. Portable design is also easy to hide when you use it, not to be noticed.
Here portable signal jammer has the ability to interfere with multiple signals, with multiple antennas for you to choose from, and you can choose to interfere with the corresponding signal frequency band based on your requirements. In terms of quality, absolutely reliable, and affordable, you can now buy a jammer to fix your troubles if you're worried about the noise of your cell phone and your GPS tracking.
Now civilians have been looking for these devices to protect their privacy in the ever-expanding GPS tracking world. There are several civil uses for blocking GPS signals that are primarily privacy related, including the ability to hide yourself or vehicles in case they are being tracked by GPS receivers. One handy use is for salespeople or the driver who might want to eat out, have lunch outside their territory, or go home to get an item without having to make a lot of explanation for the GPS tracking on their vehicle. Most civil GPS jammers are enough to cover even the largest vehicles which can protect user privacy.
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